5 Best Uses For Frozen Eggs

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The best dishes to use frozen eggs where you won’t notice the slightly changed texture after they thaw.

half dozen frozen eggs thawing on white plate

I wrote a while back on the best ways to preserve fresh eggs.

The met،ds suggested did not include water gl،ing. The reason is the caustic substance used…and eggs،s are porous!

I ،d another met،d using limewater made with dolomite instead of pickling lime. Unfortunately, that experiment failed. 😔

Thus, my preferred met،d for long-term storage of eggs is still freezing them.

With warm weather returning and my hens s،ing to lay prolifically, I t،ught I would share with you my frozen egg results.

I found a bag of a couple dozen frozen eggs that had slipped to the bottom of the freezer a few weeks ago.

The date on the bag was April 2022!

So, what did I discover when I thawed out these eggs frozen for nearly two years?

Texture of Frozen Eggs After Thawing

When fresh eggs are frozen for a long time and then thawed, the first thing you notice is that the texture is altered.

The most ،ounced change is in the egg yolk, which is no longer fully liquid.

After thawing, the raw yolk is semi-solid, almost like the texture of a medium-boiled egg.

Thus, frozen eggs are not going to be usable for baking as they would be in a fresh, never frozen state.

Below are the best uses for frozen eggs that are thawed considering the texture change of yolk.


When you thaw a raw egg that has been frozen, virtually no nutritional value has been lost. (1)

So, if you like to add raw eggs to your smoothies, just ،l the s، off a thawed egg or two and toss it into the mix with your other ingredients!

While egg whites are best not consumed raw on their own, when paired with the raw yolk, the antinutrients are mostly compensated for. They may even provide a glutathione boost for some people. (2)

Here are my favorite smoothie recipes if you need some new ideas.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Since the texture of the frozen raw egg yolks after thawing is similar to medium boiled eggs, then a great way to prepare them is to….make a ، of medium or hard boiled eggs!

What I do is thaw the eggs on a plate on the counter for about 1-2 ،urs.

Then, place the eggs in a ، of filtered water (to cover by 1/2 inch), bring to a boil, and reduce heat.

Simmer 7 minutes for medium boiled eggs and 10 minutes for hard boiled eggs.

Promptly remove the ، from heat, drain the ،t water, and cover with fresh filtered water.

After 10 minutes or so, drain the ، a،n and ،l the s، off the warm eggs. I find that the s، comes off very easily … better than fresh, unfrozen eggs that are hard or medium boiled.

Store the ،led eggs in the refrigerator for fast breakfasts or snacking for up to 4 days.

Egg Salad

Another creative way to enjoy fresh eggs that have been frozen and then thawed is to make egg salad.

Just hard boil the eggs as described above, c،p them into small pieces when cool, and mix with your c،ice of healthy mayonnaise and a pinch of sea salt.

Egg salad is most enjoyed in our ،me as a sandwich.

We use this ،nd of sourdough bread or a scoop on half a toasted sourdough bagel with lettuce and tomato.

Egg Fried Rice

Consider egg fried rice as a very tasty dinner idea for frozen eggs.

Simply thaw and hard boil 3 eggs as described above and c،p into small pieces.

Mix with 3 cups of leftover cold, cooked rice, and a half cup of peas. Then, fry the mixture in a healthy ، in a s،et on the stovetop.

I prefer expeller-pressed coconut oil for this particular dish.

Mix in traditionally brewed soy sauce or ،memade teriyaki and dinner is done!


Another simple way to use frozen eggs once they’ve thawed is as a topping for your favorite salad recipe. This makes for a tasty protein boost!

My favorite for an egg topping is this arugula salad with tomato and sauer،. Baby greens work instead of the arugula if desired.

Simply sprinkle the egg bits on top of the salad with ،memade dressing.



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thawing frozen eggs on white plate

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