Air Fryer Salmon Bites • Two Purple Figs

There are plenty of Air Fryer Recipes on our site, and it’s been an irreplaceable appliance for 3 years+. You wouldn’t imagine ،w succulent and perfectly crisp Air Fryer Salmon comes out until you try it. Or Air Fryer Taquitos, Air Fryer Scallops and more!


If you’ve followed here for a while, you’ll know that Seafood Recipes are our TOP recipes here. When in doubt, we always make a type of seafood for dinner. And when in need of comfort or utter deliciousness, we’ll make one of our Lamb Recipes.

And when it comes to Salmon, well we LOVE it! Honey Glazed Salmon is baked and so tasty. Salmon Tartare is a delicacy! Salmon Tacos are a dinner dream. Air Fryer Salmon is a fool proof way for cooking salmon. Grilled Salmon stove top or grill is a summer favorite. 

Sockeye Salmon With Lemon Butter Sauce is a tutorial on making lemon ،er sauce for any seafood. Baked Salmon With Greek Dressing is a Mediterranean cl،ic that bursts with flavors. Smoked Salmon Platter and Smoked Salmon Dip are two amazing appetizers.

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