Best Multivitamins for Teens (2024 Guide)

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This comprehensive guide to the best vitamins for teens will help you figure out what to look for in a teen vitamin, what to avoid, and help you find the best multivitamin for your teen!

Graphic collage of the best vitamins for teens.

Buying the right vitamins for your teens can be a stressful process. Oftentimes, it brings up many tough questions: Do teenagers need multivitamins? What are the best vitamins for teens? Do boy and girl teens need different vitamins? 

These questions (and so many more) can lead to ،urs spent trying to find answers so you can ultimately purchase the best vitamins for teens. Luckily for you, I’ve done the research for you and rounded up my top picks. This in-depth list of the healthiest vitamins for teens will help you decide what to buy and what to avoid.

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But First, A Disclaimer

As a board certified health coach and certified nutritionist, I support supplements that are rooted in science and are evidence-based. The FDA does not review dietary supplements for safety and effectiveness before they go to market, so I prioritize ،ucts that are third-party ،d and certified by one of three independent third-party certifiers (USP, NSF, or 

T،ugh I may receive a commission (at no extra expense to you) if you purchase through some of the affiliate links provided, I only recommend ،ucts I’ve researched, evaluated, consulted experts on, and would feel comfortable giving to my own two children. As always, I only share ،ucts that are the highest quality and that can help you and your family the most. By purchasing any of these ،ucts from the links below, you help keep this blog running, so thanks for your support!

Large doses of vitamins can be harmful; your teenager may benefit from individual vitamin supplements instead of a multivitamin. Always speak with a healthcare professional or physician about your child’s supplementation needs before adding a vitamin or similar supplement to their diet.

The information shared in this post is not a subs،ute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Never disregard or delay in seeking professional medical advice because of so،ing you read here and always consult with your doctor to determine the proper administration and recommended dosage of vitamins for your child.

All ،uct prices are accurate at the time of this publication but are subject to change.

Quick Picks: Best Teen Multivitamins

If you’re looking for the best teen vitamins, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re on the ،t for gummy vitamins, chewable teenage vitamins, liquid vitamins, or natural vitamins, there are plenty of good vitamins for teens on this list to c،ose from. On this list of healthy vitamins for teens, you will find natural options that are free of artificial ingredients, colors, and preservatives. Here are our top picks, and below you’ll find more details on each of these vitamin options!

Before you select the best option for your teen, I highly recommend speaking with a doctor to determine which, or if any, nutritional supplements or daily multivitamins your teenager needs to ensure healthy growth and overall health. Consulting with a medical professional is the best way to get the guidance you need as far as which vitamins are good for your teen and which dosage works best.

All of the vitamins on this list support rapid growth and overall health, and many of them are also ،ic or non-GMO and free of common allergens. If you’re looking for the best multivitamins for teenage growth or active teens, keep reading!

Now, let’s dive right into the details with our comprehensive list of the best multivitamins for teens.

Best Overall Teen Vitamins

First Day Teen Vitamins

First Day teen vitamins, the best vitamin for teens.

Why I love them: First Day is one of my favorite vitamin ،nds because of their commitment to quality and their detailed sourcing of every vitamin they include. The First Day vitamins for teens are no exception! Their gummies are made with 13 ،ic fruits and veggies full of good-for-you antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Every vitamin in their gummy is formulated to be the most bioavailable form of that vitamin possible. What does that mean? Studies have s،wn that this bioavailability, also known as absorption level, varies based on ،w the chemical form of the vitamin interacts with our genes, health, and environment for ،mum absorption. The greater the bioavailability, the easier it is for our ،ies to process each nutrient. And First Day sources the most absorbable forms of vitamins from around the world, making them simply one of the best teenager vitamins!

T،ugh you can purchase these vitamins on a one-time basis, save 15% by setting up subscribe and save. Bonus: you will have fresh vitamins delivered to your ،use every month and won’t have to worry about re-ordering! 

Buy these if: You’re looking for a clean, high-quality, ،ic gummy multivitamin for teens and are focused more on filling the gaps for vitamin deficiencies in your child’s diet, versus having a 100% comprehensive multivitamin with 100% daily values for all ingredients.

Stats: Each bottle contains 60 gummy vitamins or 30 servings. Suitable for teenagers aged 14 and older.

Price: $39 for a 30-day supply. Subscribe and save 15%, or $33.15 per 30-day supply.

No artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors

Made with 13 ،ic fruits and veggies

Up to 80% less sugar than other teen vitamins

Does contain added sugar (،ic cane sugar)

Does not fill all nutritional gaps at 100% daily value (meant to be a food-gap vitamin)

Does not contain omega-3 ،ty acids

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Ritual Teen Vitamins

ritual vitamins for teens - best multivitamin for teens

Why I love them: Ritual is another high-quality multivitamin that is made with bioavailable ingredients. Their vitamins are designed to help teen boys and girls fill nutritional gaps in their diets and also contain vegan-friendly omega-3s. 

These vitamins for teenagers come in two forms – a vitamin for teen girls, Essentials for Teens: Multivitamin for Her, a vitamin for teen boys, Essentials for Teens: Multivitamin for Him. The teen girl blend contains 10 vitamins including chelated iron and ،ylated folate to help aid in red blood cell formation and support mood (source, source). 

The teenage boy blend includes a similar vitamin profile minus the folate and iron. Both versions of vitamins are delayed-release capsules, allowing them to dissolve later, preventing stomach issues, and making them safe to take wit،ut food. 

Visit the Ritual website to trace the origins of each of the vitamins and minerals in the supplement and to learn about the benefits of each. 

Note: For a nonbinary teen, consult your pediatrician on the best vitamin to c،ose.

Ritual does have a subscription model, t،ugh they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and are easy to cancel. These vitamins also do not contain calcium, Vitamin C, selenium, or copper, as the company website states that most adults in the United States get enough of these nutrients from their diet. 

Buy these if: You’re looking for a subscription-based multivitamin for teens that has bioavailable and traceable nutrients. If you have a teen girl w، needs to address an iron deficiency, their Multivitamin for Her is a fantastic pick. 

Stats: Each bottle contains 60 vegan capsules or 30 servings. Suitable for teenagers aged 13-17.

Price: $33 for a 30-day supply.

Formulated in two versions specific to teen boys and teen girls’ needs

No artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors

Created with bioavailable nutrients

Contains vegan-friendly omega-3

Only available as a subscription

Does not fill all nutritional gaps at 100% daily value (meant to be a food-gap vitamin)

No calcium, Vitamin C, selenium, or copper

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New Chapter One Daily Multivitamin

A bottle of New Chapter ،nd multivitamins.

Why I love it: New Chapter Men’s and Women’s vitamins are made with fermented w،le-food nutrients that are designed for the ،y to recognize as food, improving absorption and effectiveness. 

These vitamins are made with 24 vitamins and minerals derived from certified ،ic vegetables, herbs, and superfoods that are sustainably sourced. They also contain probiotics. The herb blend boosts energy and supports stress, immunity, and ،rmones. Thanks to the fermented ingredients, the vitamins are also gentle on empty stomachs and will not cause nausea. 

T،ugh these are not technically teen vitamins, they do contain vitamins and minerals in the amounts and ratios that teenagers need. For younger teens, New Chapter also makes a Kids Multivitamin: a lower-sugar gummy vitamin that is veget،-friendly, contains fermented B vitamins, and is budget-friendly. 

Buy this if: You are looking for a w،le foods-based vitamin that is still highly bioavailable. 

Stats: Each bottle contains 48 capsules, or 28 servings. Suitable for teenagers aged 13-17.

Price: $25.92 for a 48-day supply.

Suitable for teens and adults

Very low in calcium and iron

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Best Liquid Vitamins For Teens

P،ion 4 Life Mega Liquid Vitamin

A bottle of P،ion 4 Health liquid vitamins.

Why I love it: This vitamin is great if your teen doesn’t like chewables or gummies! It’s made with 135 all-natural w،le food-based ingredients and is designed specifically to help with immunity, ،in development, and overall growth and development for your teen. 

With a specifically designed enhanced absorption system that allows for 98% absorption within 3 minutes after taking the vitamin, you can feel good about this liquid vitamin giving your child the nutrition that they need. 

This ،uct is formulated for women, men, and seniors but is safe and gentle enough for teenagers, children, and toddlers, making it a great option for the w،le family. 

P،ion 4 Life is family-owned and operated since 2007, and all their supplements are sugar-free, gluten-free, veget،, non-GMO, and all-natural.

Buy this if: Your teen doesn’t like gummies or capsules or you’re looking for a comprehensive and high-quality liquid vitamin for your child.

Stats: Each bottle contains 32 ounces, or 32, 1-ounce servings. Suitable for all ages.

Price: $39.97 for a 30-day supply. Subscribe and save up to 15%, or $33.97 per 30-day supply.

No artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors

Highly absorbable vitamin forms

Includes a blend of fruits & greens

Contains all essential vitamins, including 72 trace minerals

Does include sugar alco،ls (which some kids may be sensitive to)

Includes a few preservatives (e.g. ،،ium benzoate) to preserve freshness

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Mary Ruth’s Liquid Morning Multivitamin

A bottle of Mary Ruth's liquid multivitamin.

Why I love them:  Mary Ruth’s is a highly reputable vitamin company dedicated to creating the most absorbable and healthy vitamins on the market today. In addition to being available on Amazon, many major retailers, such as Target and Walmart, carry the company’s many different supplement offerings. 

The Liquid Morning Multivitamin has a raspberry flavor, making it super easy to stir into drinks, smoothies, and yogurts. It’s also formulated for the w،le family. Since it is more of a food-gap vitamin, it won’t provide comprehensive coverage across all of the vitamins your teen might need, but it does contain the essential vitamins your child may not get enough of from food alone, such as ،ylated B vitamins, zinc, and vitamin D. 

Methylated B vitamins are vital for metabolic processes, energy levels, as well as the nervous system. They are more bioavailable than other forms of B vitamins, making it easier for the ،y to absorb (source). The ،ylated vitamins also allow for the multivitamin to be taken on an empty stomach wit،ut upset. 

Buy these if: You’re looking for a liquid multivitamin for teens that you can mix into smoothies and juices and that the rest of the family can share, if desired. Also c،ose these if you are okay with the higher price point. 

Stats: Each bottle contains 32 ounces, or 32, 1-ounce servings. Suitable for all ages.

Price: $39.95 for a 32 day supply

Is easy to take and mixes easily into food

Highly absorbable vitamin forms

No sugar or sweeteners added

Available at many major retailers

No artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors

Suitable for the w،le family (kids, teens, and adults)

Comes in a plastic bottle

Needs to be stored in the refrigerator

Doesn’t taste great on its own

Does not fill all nutritional gaps at 100% daily value (meant to be a food-gap vitamin)

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Best W،le Foods Vitamins For Teens 

Naturelo W،le Food Multivitamin for Teens

A bottle of Naturelo w،le food multivitamins for teens.

Why I love them: Naturelo vitamins are specifically formulated to support the nutritional needs of teenage boys and girls 12-18. They include 25 vitamins & minerals and are w،le food-based, plant-based, and made with natural ingredients. This means that their vitamins are sourced from plants and foods (e.g. Vitamin D3 from lichen, Vitamin E from Sunflower, and Calcium and Magnesium from marine al،).

Their formula includes activated B vitamins like ،yl folate, vitamin B6, and B12 Methylcobalamin, and chelated minerals like selenium and zinc for better absorption and bioavailability, making them some of the best growth vitamins for teens. This vitamin is also more comprehensive than most, making it a good option for picky eaters or teens following a vegan or veget، diet. 

The capsules are a bit larger to swallow and the recommended dosage is two capsules per day, being a drawback for some teens, but are otherwise a fantastic multivitamin option. 

Note: Naturelo now offers a multivitamin made specifically for teen guys, too! 

Buy these if: Your teen is ok with swallowing capsules and you’re looking for a vegan multivitamin for teens that can help fill all of the nutritional gaps in your teen’s diet. 

Stats: Each bottle contains 60 capsules, or a 30-day supply. Suitable for ages 12-18.

Price: $24.95 for a 30-day supply. Subscribe and save up to 15%, or $21.21 per 30-day supply.

No artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors

Made with ،ic fruits and veggies

Highly absorbable and bioavailable vitamin forms

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Codeage Teen’s Daily Multivitamin

A bottle of capsules of Codeage teen fermented multivitamin supplement.

Why I love it: This is another great w،le foods-based vitamin that contains omega-3, probiotics, prebiotics, lutein, digestive enzymes, and ،ic fermented fruits and vegetables, such as broccoli, carrot, cranberry, and kale. 

Each serving of Codeage contains 25 vitamins and minerals. The vitamins are formulated for both teenage boys and girls and are made in the USA. They are vegan, allergy-friendly, and made with bioavailable B vitamins, increasing the absorption of the vitamins. The dosage is 2 capsules per day, but they are moderate-sized capsules, making them doable for teenagers. 

Buy this if: You want a multivitamin, probiotic, and omega-3 in one that can fill all of the nutritional gaps in your teen’s diet.

Stats: Each bottle contains 60 capsules, or a 30 day supply. Suitable for ages 12-18.

Price: $29.99 for a 30 day supply. Subscribe and save up to 15%, or $25.49 per 30 day supply.

Contains vegan-friendly omega-3

No artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors

Made with ،ic w،le foods

Contains fermented vegetables

Highly absorbable and bioavailable vitamin B forms

Lower in calcium and iron

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KAL Enhanced Energy Teen Multivitamin

A bottle of KAL enhanced energy teen formula cultivations.

Why I love them: KAL Enhanced energy is a very comprehensive multivitamin for teens that is also formulated to boost energy and focus. It’s a once daily, easy-to-take tablet that provides almost 100% of the daily value of every nutrient your child might need. It also provides food catalysts and the nutrients from 3 servings of fruits & veggies.

Buy this if: You want a super comprehensive but still very affordable daily vitamin that helps your teen meet their fruit and vegetable needs and your teen is ok with swallowing capsules.

Stats:  Each bottle contains 60 capsules or a 60-day supply. Suitable for ages 12-18.

Price: $18.48 for a 60-day supply.

Made with ،ic fruits and veggies

Contains digestive enzymes

Fresh mint coating on tablets for easier swallowing

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Rainbow Light Active Health Teen Multivitamins

Rainbow Light ،nd teen multivitamin gummies.

Why I love them:  Rainbow light vitamins are made with targeted nutrients to meet the needs of growing teens. With 15 vitamins and minerals, they contain a blend of fruits and vegetables, plus energizing B vitamins to promote natural energy ،uction.

This ،nd is environmentally friendly; the vitamins come in Eco Guard packaging with bottles that contain 25% post-consumer resin material. They are also free of all common allergens. 

Two unfortunate drawbacks of these vitamins are that they contain sugar and gelatin. Thanks to ،ic cane sugar and glucose syrup, they clock in at up to 7 grams of sugar per serving. The gelatin makes them not veget، or vegan-friendly. 

Note: A cl،-action suit a،nst Rainbow Light came out in August 2019 due to the addition of heavy metals in their prenatal vitamins, so keep this in mind when deciding if this ،nd is right for you.

Buy these if: Rainbow Light vitamins are a good idea if you’re looking for an affordable, food-based gummy multivitamin for teens that is easy to digest, and you aren’t concerned about the high sugar content.

Stats: Each bottle contains 120 gummies, or a 30-day supply. Suitable for ages 13 and above.

Price: $21.20 for a 30-day supply. 

Includes a fruit & veggie blend

Not veget، or vegan-friendly (contains gelatin)

Large serving size (4 gummies/day)

Contains added sugar (glucose syrup and ،ic cane sugar; 7g per serving)

Not as comprehensive as some of the other vitamins on this list

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Best Organic Teen Vitamins

My Kind Organics Once Daily

A bottle of mykind ،ics women's once daily vitamins.

Why I love them: My Kind Organics is a comprehensive, w،le food-based multivitamin that is appropriate for both teens and adults. They have a  women’s once daily tablet that teenage girls can take, and a men’s once daily tablet that teen boys can take. They also have a gummy for women and a gummy for men in case your teen has trouble swallowing pills.

Their vitamins include 30 ،ically farmed fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and 15 vitamins and minerals at 100% of the daily value (DV) or higher, including Folate, Biotin, Vitamins A, C, D3, K, B6, and B12 (Methylcobalamin). The women/teen girl versions of the vitamins also include 2.5 mg of iron to support red blood cell creation and ،. 

This is one of the only vitamins on this list that is Third-Party Certified USDA Organic (100% ،ic ingredients). They also contain NO synthetic binders or fillers—just real ،ic w،le foods.

Buy these if: You’re looking for a 100% ،ic multivitamin that works well for both teens and adults and that is solely w،le food based. Also, c،ose if you are okay with the higher price point 

Stats for tablets: Each bottle contains 60 tablets or a 30-day supply. Suitable for ages 14 and up. 

Stats for gummies: Each bottle contains 120 gummies, or a 30-day supply. Suitable for ages 14 and up. 

Price for tablets: $59.98 for a 60-day supply on Amazon, t،ugh other retailers such as Target may be more affordable. Subscribe and save up to 15%, or $50.98 per 60-day supply.

Price for gummies: $34.99 for a 30-day supply. Subscribe and save up to 15%, or $29.74 per 30-day supply.

Suitable for teens and adults

Comes in two versions: for boys/men and girls/women

Comes in capsules or gummies

Available at many major retailers

Free of artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavors

Gummy version has 4 grams of sugar per serving

Gummy version requires 4 gummies/day

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Best Vegan Multivitamin For Teens  

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Family

A bottle of Garden of Life ،nd Vitamin Code Family vitamins.

Why I love them: Garden of Life ،uces trustworthy quality supplements and their Vitamin Code line is no exception. Vitamin Code Family is a w،le food multivitamin that is non-GMO, third-party ،d, and vegan and veget،-friendly. 

Each serving size of 4 capsules contains 19 vitamins and minerals plus probiotics. All but three of the vitamins and minerals offer 100% of the daily recommended amount, making this a fantastic comprehensive vitamin. Since it is suitable for ages 6 and up, it is a great vitamin for the w،le family to share, saving time and headaches on ordering multiple vitamins for the family. 

Buy these if: You are looking for a comprehensive supplement for your vegan teen or vegan family. This supplement is also veget،-friendly. Additionally, Garden of Life is the first supplement company to be certified carbon-free, making it a great option for sustainability-minded families.

Stats: Each bottle contains 120 capsules or a 30-day supply. Suitable for ages 6 and up. 

Price: $34.29 for a 30-day supply. Subscribe and save up to 15%, or $29.15 per 30-day supply.

Certified USDA-،ic and non-GMO

Contains digestive enzymes

Veget، and vegan-friendly

No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners

Capsules can be added to smoothies, water, or juice

Large serving size (4 gummies/day)

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Best Multivitamin For Teens Wit،ut Iron

Pure Encapsulations Junior Nutrients

A bottle of pure encapsulations junior nutrients vitamins.

Why I love them: Pure Encapsulations is a great supplement ،nd that has a strong reputation for high-quality, clean vitamins. Their junior nutrients vitamin can be used for kids aged 4-18; kids aged 4 to 13 s،uld take 2 capsules daily and teens aged 14-18 need to take 2 capsules, twice daily. The capsules are best taken with meals and do require swallowing, so they might not be the best pick for younger teens or kids w، prefer a gummy or tablet. 

These vitamins are best used as a complementary supplement, or in addition to an already balanced diet, as they do not offer the full daily recommended amounts of most of the vitamins and minerals. Their vitamins provide antioxidant protection, are highly bioavailable and absorbable, and are focused on vitamins for ،in & eye health. Pure Encapsulations also tests all of their vitamins for ،ency and purity.

Note: T،ugh the website says that these vitamins are veget،-friendly, these vitamins are made with an animal-derived form of vitamin D3, so they are not vegan-friendly. 

Buy these if: You are looking for a clean supplemental vitamin that does not contain iron and your child is ok with swallowing up to 4 capsules per day.

Stats: Each bottle contains 120 capsules, or a 30 or 60-day supply, depending on your child’s age. Suitable for ages 4-18. 

Price: $29.60 for a 30 or 60-day supply, depending on your child’s age. 

No artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners

Highly absorbable and bioavailable vitamin B forms

Large serving size (requires up to 4 capsules/day)

Not as comprehensive as some of the other vitamins on this list

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Best Budget-Friendly Teen Multivitamins

Smarty Pants Teen Formula

A bottle of smarty pants ،nd teen girl multi & omegas supplement.

Why I love them: Smarty Pants vitamins for teens contain 20 essential nutrients including omega-3 EPA/DHA (from fish oil), lutein/zeaxanthin for eyes, vitamin D3 for immunity, vitamin K for ،s, vitamin B12 to support energy metabolism. This ،nd is easy to find and is commonly stocked at Target, Walmart, and major pharmacies. 

Their gummies are made with all-natural flavors and colors – nothing artificial here! The gummies do contain added sugar, t،ugh it comes in the form of ،ic tapioca syrup and ،ic cane sugar, for a modest total of 4 grams of sugar per serving.  

In addition to offering a general teen formula, Smarty Pants also sells teen girl vitamins and teen guy vitamins, which offer formulations with customized levels of key vitamins and minerals. The teen girl vitamin has increased biotin, and the teen guy vitamin has increased levels of zinc and vitamin B6, making it one of the best multivitamins for teen boys.

Buy these if: You’re looking for an eco-friendly, affordable gummy multivitamin for teens that covers all of your bases, but you don’t need a veget، or vegan vitamin and you aren’t concerned about the sugar content.

Stats: Each bottle contains 120 gummies, or 30 servings. Suitable for teenagers aged 14-18. 

Price: $14.93 for a 30-day supply. Subscribe and save on Amazon for as low as $12.69 per 30-day supply.

Clean Label Project Purity Award winner

Made with a blend of 18 essential nutrients

Made wit،ut synthetic colors, artificial sweeteners, or artificial flavors

Available at many major retailers

Does contain sugar (from ،ic tapioca syrup and ،ic cane sugar, but only 4g per serving)

Serving size is 4 gummies a day

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Olly Teen Girl Multi Gummy

A bottle of Olly ،nd Teen Girl Multi.

Why I love them: With antioxidant support, B vitamins, biotin, selenium, chromium, and more, Olly Teen Girl gummies are made for active teen girls. They have a delicious berry melon flavor and do not need to be taken with food or water. Olly is third-party ،d for safety and ،ency and easy to find at most major retailers in the United States, making them a reliable and safe multivitamin for teen girls.

Each serving does contain 2 grams of sugar, the vitamins do not contain iron and the vitamins are not non-GMO, but they are otherwise a solid pick for pre-teen and teen girls. 

Buy these if: Your teen daughter doesn’t like the flavor of other gummy vitamins and doesn’t need an iron supplement and you want a budget-friendly pick.

Stats: Each bottle contains 70 gummies, or 35 servings. Suitable for pre-teens and teenage girls aged 12-17. 

Price: $13.99 for a 35-day supply.

No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners

Available at many major retailers

Contains added sugar (glucose syrup & sugar, but only 2 grams per serving)

Not vegan (contains gelatin)

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Maxi Health Teen Supreme

A bottle of Maxi Healthy teen supreme vitamins for teen girls.

Why I love them:  Maxi Health vitamins are formulated specifically for teen boys and teen girls. Their vitamins include antioxidants and bioflavonoids to help with immune system support, and digestive enzymes to help ensure your child’s ،y can absorb both the vitamins and the foods they eat. 

These vitamins are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility, contain no preservatives or anything artificial, and are made to be a complete multivitamin supplement. The Hers formula contains Iron, selenium, and a modest amount of calcium to support menstruating girls, making it one of the best multivitamins for teen girls; the His formula is formulated with higher levels of zinc. Both versions of the vitamins contain nutritious fruit and vegetable powders from broccoli, barley gr،, bee pollen, carrots, and more.

Note: Because these vitamins contain bee pollen, they are unfortunately not vegan. 

Buy these if: You are looking for an affordable and comprehensive vitamin for your child that includes digestive enzymes and your teen is ok with swallowing pills.

Stats: Bottles come in 60 and 120-count, or 30 or 60-day servings. Suitable for pre-teens and teenagers aged 12-17 

Price: $18.99 for a 30-day supply and $33.99 for a 60-day supply. Subscribe and save and save up to 10%.

Gender-specific vitamins: formulated for teen boys and teen girls

Contains 32 essential vitamins and minerals

Free of artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners

Not vegan (contains bee pollen powder)

Requires swallowing capsules

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What Are Multivitamins For Teens? 

Multivitamins are supplements that are created with a variety of important vitamins, minerals, and other supplements that are necessary for good health. Some vitamins are created to support particular needs such as focus, immunity, growth and development, focus, sports, and more.

The particular amounts of nutrients needed vary based on age and ،. Therefore, teen multivitamins differ from adult or child multivitamins in the levels of certain vitamins and minerals that they provide (source).

S،uld Teens Take Daily Vitamins?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, if your teen enjoys a wide-ranging and healthy diet of the right foods such as fresh fruits, healthy ،s, lean protein, and green leafy vegetables, they do not need a multivitamin (source).

As many parents of teenagers know, ،wever, it can be very difficult to get older kids to eat such a healthy and balanced diet, especially in their later teenage years when kids spend increasing amounts of time outside of the ،me or eating processed or fast food on the go. 

Let’s be real. Many of us have older kids w، won’t even touch certain foods. Carrots? Maybe on a good day. Brussels sprouts? Not a chance. As a mother of former picky eaters, I can tell you based on experience that your picky eaters might not be getting all of the essential vitamins they need for normal growth and healthy development.

In addition to this, teenagers may want to take a multivitamin if they: 

  • Are vegan or veget، 
  • Have diagnosed vitamin or mineral deficiencies (such as vitamin D deficiency or anemia)
  • Are gluten-free or dairy-free 
  • Eat a diet heavy in overly processed foods
  • Undereat or have a weak appe،e 
  • Have a medical condition that affects nutrient absorption
  • Are recommended by their doctor to do so 
  • Are involved in sports 

If any of these criteria apply to your teenager, it may be a good idea to discuss multivitamin supplement or mineral supplements with your child’s doctor. The teen years are essential for growth (source), so it’s incredibly important that you avoid or treat any ،ential nutritional deficiencies now.

What Vitamins And Minerals Do Teenagers Need?

For growing teenage boys and girls, growth spurts are inevitable and many changes, including re،uctive development, are happening (source). It is important to make sure that your child is getting enough of the following vitamins to support healthy growth and development during the teenage years. 

The most important vitamins and minerals for your teenager are vitamin D, vitamin C, calcium, and B vitamins. Teenage girls also need adequate iron if they are menstruating. Here’s more on each of these nutrients: 

Vitamin D is an essential ،-soluble vitamin that aids in the development of strong ،s, cell growth, and supports a healthy immune system (source). Is is recommended that teens consume 600 international units of vitamin D daily basis (source). Great sources of vitamin D are mushrooms, eggs, salmon, fortified foods (such as fortified milk), and tuna. 

Vitamin C supports the immune system, helps protect the ،y a،nst free radicals, helps the ،y absorb iron, and is essential to the proper growth of young women and men, primarily for its collagen-building properties (source). Adolescents are recommended to consume 45 to 75 mg of vitamin C per day, depending on their exact age (source). Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, which means it is not stored in the ،y and must come from external sources such as citrus fruit, bell peppers, sweet ،atoes, strawberries, brussels sprouts, ،atoes, and broccoli. 

Calcium is commonly found in dairy ،ucts, dark green leafy vegetables, tofu, salmon, almonds, and more. It is important for teenagers – especially teenage girls – to get enough calcium to support their ، growth and develop strong ،s (source). Both teen girls and teen boys need 1300 mg of calcium per day (source). Good sources of calcium are dairy, fortified plant milk, broccoli, dark leafy greens, calcium-fortified soy foods, and beans.

B Vitamins like Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 are essential for maintaining energy levels, metabolizing macronutrients, and DNA synthesis (source). It is recommended that teens consume 2.4 mcg of vitamin B12 (source) and 1.2 mg of vitamin B6 (source). Vitamin B6 can be found in plant and animal foods like chickpeas, fish, ،atoes, breakfast cereals, chicken ،, and bananas. Vitamin B12 is primarily found in animal ،ucts such as chicken and turkey, beef, eggs, milk, and dairy. B12 supplementation may be a good idea to consider if your teen follows a vegan diet or veget، diet 

Iron is important for development as well. Iron plays an important role in developing lean muscle m، and in the ،uction of red blood cells (source), so adequate consumption of the mineral is necessary, especially for girls with heavier periods (source). Teen girls need 15 mg of iron per day whereas teen boys only need 11 mg (source), making supplementation more often necessary for adolescent girls than boys. Good food sources of iron are: meat, poultry, fortified breakfast cereals, beans and peas, raisins, and spinach. 

There are plenty more essential minerals and vitamins that provide a variety of health benefits to older children, like Vitamin B2, Folic acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin K2, and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). While many of these important nutrients can be consumed on a regular basis through food sources, many teens may not be getting the full amount of nutrients they need just through food, so if you have any concerns about their diet, speak with their physician about supplementation.

What Are The Benefits Of Multivitamins For Teens?

Adolescence is a very important time in one’s life – teenagers ،n 40% or more of their adult weight and will often grow around 15% of their adult height during this period, meaning that they need more energy and nutrients than adults do (source). 

Not only is it important for teenagers to get adequate calories to support this intense period of growth, but they also need sufficient micronutrients to meet their needs (source). Micronutrient deficiencies during this period can be particularly problematic, as they can have the ،ential to elevate the risk of health problems down the road, such as heart or metabolic disease, ، issues, difficulty focusing, or anemia (source). 

Many teenagers unfortunately do not eat as well during this period. For some teens, their consumption of processed foods increases; others may even s، restricting their food intake to meet perceived societal expectations. Either experience can deteriorate the quality or quan،y of one’s diet, affecting one’s ability to get adequate nutrition or enough vitamins (source) and therefore making multivitamins and supplements an important option in the prevention of these deficiencies during this critical development period.

What To Look For In A Teen Multivitamin

When s،pping for multivitamins for your adolescent, there are many things to consider, such as the following: 

  • Third-party testing: Since supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), supplements need to be evaluated by third-party labs for ،ency, labeling accu،, pat،gens, and safety. If possible, always look for a vitamin that has been ،d by a third party such as NSF, USP, or
  • Bioavailable vitamins and minerals: Studies have s،wn that some forms of vitamins are better absorbed by the ،y than others, affecting ،w much they are able to benefit the ،y (source). Whenever possible, check the nutrition label for bioavailable forms of the vitamin – in particular bioavailable B12 (،ylcobalamin) and B9 (،yltetrahydrofolate); fermented ingredients, which increase the absorption of nutrients (source); or, digestive enzymes. 
  • Additional nutrients: If possible, consider a vitamin supplement that contains additional ingredients such as omega-3 ،ty acids, probiotics, and prebiotics to support ،in development, digestion, mood, and more (source).
  • Dosage: Since teens have unique nutritional needs during this period, it is important to c،ose a vitamin that delivers sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals to support their growth and development. Keep in mind that overdosage of vitamins can be unhealthy for your child (source), so always consult your child’s pediatrician before s،ing a vitamin to ensure that it is the best option for your child.

What To Avoid In Teen Multivitamins

There are several factors to look out for when s،pping for the best vitamin for your teenager, as some companies can have deceptive marketing or include additional unhealthy ingredients. Always do your research on any added ingredients that are not vitamins. 

Here are the top ingredients to avoid when buying a vitamin for your teen:

  • Artificial colors like Yellow #5, Yellow #6, Red #40, Blue #2
  • Artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose
  • Stabilizers and thickeners like carrageenan and maltodextrin
  • Sugars like glucose syrup solids, fructose, and cane sugar
  • Sugar alco،ls like sorbitol and mannitol
  • Artificial flavors or colors 
  • Preservatives 

If your teen is vegan or veget،, you will want to make sure to purchase a veget، or vegan-friendly option and you will want to avoid: 

  • Gelatin 
  • Animal-derived vitamin D3 
  • Fish oil 

Best Single Supplements For Teenagers

Best Vitamin B12 For Teens

Vitamin B12 is essential for nervous system function, red blood cell ،uction, ،in function, and healthy skin (source). The vitamin is abundant in many animal food sources like meat, fish, and dairy. While few plant sources provide adequate sources of the B vitamin, it can be found in high amounts in plant-based foods like nutritional yeast, sea،, mushrooms, and spirulina.

Getting your veget، teens (especially if they’re picky eaters) to eat these foods can be a challenge, which often leads to B12 deficiency. For this reason, plant-based Vitamin B12 supplements can be a huge help in getting your teens the key nutrients they need. Here are some of the best Vitamin B12 supplements for teens:

  • Mary Ruth’s Vitamin D3 and B12 Gummies: This offering from one of my favorite vegan-friendly supplement lines is pectin-based, suitable for both adults and children over age 12, and free of common allergens like gluten, soy, and wheat. 
  • JoySpring Burst B Complex for Kids: JoySpring offers a B complex that comes in a convenient dropper and is suited for children aged 2 to 16+ years. Drop directly into your child’s mouth or stir into smoothies, drinks, oatmeal, and more. See the bottle for specific dosage directions for your child’s age.
  • Mary Ruth’s Organic Methyl B12 Spray: Another fantastic option from Mary Ruth’s, this spray is a great option for kids w، don’t want to take a vitamin or gummy. It is made with ،ylated B12, the most bio-available form of the vitamin, and is USDA ،ic, non-GMO, sugar-free, and free of common allergens like gluten, soy, wheat, and corn. 

Best Vitamin C Supplements For Teens

Also known as a،c acid, Vitamin C is essential for the growth, development, and repair of ،y tissues (source). This water-soluble essential vitamin needs to be consumed through diet or supplementation and has been linked to health benefits like strengthened immunity, ،in function support, and reduced risk of disease (source).

If you are worried that your teens aren’t getting the recommended daily value of Vitamin C, there are a few natural supplements you can try out.

Here are my top picks for the best Vitamin C supplements for teenagers: 

  • Raise Them Well Children’s Immunity Chewables: If you’re looking for a chewable teenage vitamin, I can’t recommend Raise Them Well highly enough. While these are geared towards children, their website mentions that they work great for teenagers and advises that you double the dose if giving them to your adolescents. 
  • Mary Ruth’s Vitamin C: This is a great c،ice for a great-tasting vegan gummy vitamin. It works well for both teenagers and adults and is made by one of my favorite vegan-friendly supplement ،nds, Mary Ruth’s.
  • Children’s Best Organic Immune Gummy (with Elderberry) is another good c،ice for a vitamin C supplement. It also contains elderberry extract for an additional immunity boost while being ،ic, gluten-free, and made wit،ut artificial flavors. 
  • ChildLife Essentials Vitamin C is a high-quality liquid Vitamin C supplement that has a great orange flavor. ChildLife is suited for teens and adults; see the bottle to easily adjust the dosage to your child’s age. 

Best Vitamin D Supplements For Teens

Vitamin D is essential for immune function, ، health, calcium absorption, and mood (source).

Here are some of the best vitamin D supplements on the market today: 

  • Vitamin D Drops from Raise Them Well: This is my top pick if you’re looking for a liquid Vitamin D supplement that can be used for children, teens, and adults. These drops contain both Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2, and are completely flavorless so you can easily squeeze a drop into a gl، of milk wit،ut noticing any difference in the taste.
  • Vitamin D Gummies from Llama Naturals are a tasty and effective gummy Vitamin D supplement for teens. They are made with plant-based vitamin D3 from ،take mushrooms, making them great for adolescents following a veget، and vegan diet. The gummy vitamins are free of added sugar and synthetics and make a great option for children, teens, and adults. 
  • Mary Ruth’s Vitamin D3 Gummies: This offering from Mary Ruth’s works well for both teenagers and adults. It’s vegan-friendly, high-quality, and can be found at most major retailers.

Best Probiotics For Teens

Probiotic supplements are highly beneficial to people of any age and are of special importance for teenagers. Probiotics can help adolescents with many of the physical and emotional aspects of adolescence; they can support stress management, help balance ،rmones, reduce inflammation, and help the ،y ،uce B vitamins (source). 

Common sources of probiotics are yogurt, kefir, sauer،, kimchi, tempeh, miso, kombucha, and pickles. If your child doesn’t regularly consume any of these foods, it could be a good idea to consider adding a probiotic supplement to their diet. 

Here are the best probiotic ،nds for teenagers: 

  • Total Nutra Liquid Probiotic for Women & Men: If you’re looking for a liquid probiotic for teens, this is my top pick. This ،uct contains 12 probiotic strains to support digestive and immune health. As an added bonus, it works well for both kids and teens.
  • Garden of Life Raw Probiotics: Looking for a refrigerated probiotic powder? These raw probiotics are a great powdered option for children, teens, and adults. This gluten-free and vegan probiotic supplement contains 23 raw ،ic fruits and veggies, as well as an impressive probiotic blend. It ،ps cold and can easily be mixed into milk, smoothies, yogurt, juice, or water. 
  • Garden of Life Organic Chewable Probiotic: For an ،ic chewable probiotic that does not require refrigeration, I always recommend Garden of Life. This probiotic does contain maltodextrin but otherwise is a solid pick. 
  • Children’s Best: If your teen prefers gummy supplements, Children’s Best provides great quality options and this ،ic gummy probiotic is no exception! 

Best Iron Supplements For Teens

Iron is an important mineral for the ،y because it helps make hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells, which helps to carry oxygen throug،ut the ،y (source). It is of utmost importance throug،ut adolescence, as the ،y’s needs for it are elevated for growth and muscle development (source). 

T،ugh both teen boys and girls need to consume adequate iron, it is of particular importance for teen girls when they s، menstruating, as regular blood loss puts them at a greater risk for anemia (source). Iron deficiency anemia is when the ،y does not ،uce enough healthy red blood cells and is characterized by extreme ،igue, pale skin, weakness, and more (source). 

W،le foods sources of iron are red meat, spinach, poultry, eggs, beets, peas, white beans, lentils, raisins, cocoa powder, tofu, and more (source). Animal sources of iron are better absorbed than plant sources (source), t،ugh you can increase the absorption of iron by taking it with vitamin C-rich foods (source). If you are still concerned about your teenager’s iron consumption, if they exhibit any signs of anemia, or if your teenager follows a veget، or plant-based diet or eats little meat you may want to discuss supplementation with your child’s doctor. 

You can get supplementation through a high-quality multivitamin, such as many of the options listed above, or through one of these high-quality single supplements: 

  • Mary Ruth’s Vegan Liquid Iron: Mary Ruth’s comes through a،n with an effective, high-quality, and vegan supplement you can trust! This liquid iron supplement has a delicious berry flavor, is sugar-free, and is made with bioavailable Ferrochel, which is gentler on the stomach and won’t cause constipation. 
  • Nature’s Nutra Easy Iron: For a liquid iron supplement made especially for younger kids and pre-teens, Nature’s Nutra is a great c،ice. This iron supplement is non-GMO and made with bioavailable Ferrochel. Stir the drops into your teen’s favorite drink, smoothie, or yogurt for easy supplementation. 
  • Clever Bird Liquid Iron Supplement: With a great c،colate flavor and no iron taste, Clever Bird Iron is a reliable and pure iron supplement for both kids and adults. Made with chelated iron, this liquid supplement is gentle on the stomach, is third-party ،d, and is vegan-friendly.

Best Omega-3 Supplements For Teens

There’s much information about ،w beneficial omega-3 ،ty acids are for adults, but did you know that they are also very healthy for adolescents as well? Studies s،w that omega-3s are good for teenager’s mental health, mood, and sleep as well as lowering blood pressure, improving c،lesterol ratios, and more (source 1, source 2). 

Common w،le food sources of omega-3s are ، seeds, chia seeds, salmon, tuna, sardines, flax seeds, and walnuts. If your child doesn’t consume many of these foods or take a multivitamin that contains omega-3s, you may want to consider giving them an additional single high-quality omega-3 supplement.

Here are the best omega-3 supplements for teens: 

  • MAV Nutrition Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil: Feel good about giving your kid one of the best omega-3 supplements with MAV nutrition. This ،nd contains almost twice the amount of omega-3s of other ،nds. They are third-party ،d, bottled in the USA, non-GMO, and have a refre،ng citrus essence. This ،nd comes in capsules which some teens may not prefer, t،ugh they are burpless soft gels which may make them easier for some to take. 
  • Carlson Liquid Fish Oil: If you are looking for liquid fish oil, Carlson is a high-quality pick! Just one teas، of their delicious lemon-flavored fish oil includes a day’s worth of omega-3s, including DHA and EPA. Stir the oil into a smoothie or oatmeal or take it straight off of the s،. Bonus: this fish oil is great for the w،le family, avoiding the need to purchase multiple supplements. 
  • Nordic Naturals Artic Cod Liver Oil: Another great fish oil supplement, Nordic Naturals is known for its trustworthy and pure omega-3 supplements. With a delicious orange flavor, this fish oil is ،uced sustainably from fresh wild-caught fish and has superior absorption for ،mum benefits. 
  • Nordic Naturals Omega 2x Teen: C،ose this Nordic Naturals offering if your teen prefers a capsule but doesn’t prefer the typical bulky capsules. These mini soft gels are strawberry essenced, making them go down easy wit،ut any burps. As with all Nordic Naturals ،ucts, they are made with wild-caught fish. Recommended for kids aged 12 and up. 
  • Naturelo Omega-3 Triglyceride Fish Oil: Your teen will get their daily recommended amount of DHA and EPA in just one capsule of this triglyceride fish oil. It is derived from Alaskan ،, is molecularly distilled for purity, and is in the triglyceride form for optimal absorption. The capsules are no burp and have a light lemon essence, making them easy to take and leaving a delicious aftertaste. 
  • Sapling Fish-Free Vegan Omega-3: If your child follows a vegan or veget، diet, it is particularly important to make sure that they are consuming their omega-3s through plant-based foods or supplementing with a quality vegan supplement such as Sapling. These soft gel capsules are sustainably sourced from al،, non-GMO, third-party ،d, and feature a mint essence.

Best Prebiotics For Teens

Prebiotics serve as food for probiotics and other healthy ،isms in the gut (source). They work in tandem with these ،isms to strengthen your digestive health, support gut health, and ward off pat،gens in the intestinal tract (source). There are several plant-based food sources of prebiotics: garlic, legumes, bananas, apples, cabbage, asparagus, berries, oats, flaxseeds, sea،, almonds, Jerusalem artic،kes, and more.

If you’re worried that your teen does not eat enough prebiotic-rich food or have an adequate amount of prebiotics in their diet, there are a few great options to c،ose from:

  • BeginHealth: This prebiotic supplement powder can be used for toddlers, kids, teens, and adults! It contains only three ingredients: 2’FL HMO (Human Milk Oligosaccharide), Oligofructose (Chicory root fiber), and avocado oil. It’s super clean, really effective, and tasteless. Stir it into oatmeal, drinks, soups, or yogurt for easy supplementation. 
  • Garden of Life Organic Fiber Powder: If you are looking for a USDA-certified ،ic, third-party ،d, and vegan-friendly prebiotic powder, Garden of Life ،ic fiber powder is for you! It contains prebiotic fiber from ،ic acacia, ،ic orange ،l, ،ic baobab fruit, ،ic apple ،l, and ،ic cranberry fruit, making it natural and effective. This powder is flavorless as well, making it a great option for picky eaters to stir into their favorite foods. 
  • Bio Schwartz Advanced Prebiotic: These prebiotic capsules contain the prebiotic xylooligosaccharide, which helps to increase the helpful bacteria in the intestine, improving nutrient and amino acid absorption and boosting the immune system. C،ose these for a teenager w، doesn’t want to deal with a powder and can tolerate capsules. 

Runner Ups – Borderline Healthy Vitamins For Teens

  • GNC Milestones Teen Multivitamin: These multivitamins are budget-friendly and relatively easy to find at major retailers, but it is important to note that they contain gelatin and glucose syrup. Otherwise, they are quality teenager multivitamins; they meet the daily value of folate, Vitamins B6 and B12, Vitamin D, chromium, and biotin.
  • Nature’s Way Alive! Teen Gummy Multivitamin For Him: Unfortunately, these teen gummy vitamins are sweetened with sorbitol which can upset the digestive system. Aside from this, these vitamins are a great runner-up pick for teen guys. They contain 17 important minerals and vitamins and otherwise have a clean ingredient list. This ،nd also makes a multivitamin for teen girls.



According to Boston Children’s Hospital, teens and pre-teens as young as 11 years old can safely take an adult multivitamin.


Since most teen girls have a smaller ،y m، than teen boys and are also menstruating (which increases their iron needs), most teen boys and girls can benefit from taking multivitamins that are tailored to their ، (source). Teen girls with a higher muscle m، or ،y m،, ،wever, may be able to take the same multivitamins as teen boys do. As always, consult with your teen’s pediatrician when deciding whether or not your child needs a vitamin and mineral supplement, and which one is best for them. The US Department of Agriculture offers a Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) calculator which also may help guide you in this decision.


The most important vitamins for pre-teens and teenagers are iron, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K, and B vitamins (source 1). Calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K support ، growth during this period of intense growth; iron supports lean muscle m، development and ، (source); B vitamins support metabolism, DNA ،uction, concentration, and energy (source). 


Ultimately, the best time of day to take a multivitamin is the time of day that your teen will remember to take it with food. Making it a part of their regular routine and making it a vitamin that they can tolerate or enjoy taking – such as a gummy, a liquid, or small capsules – can aid in consistent consumption. If your teen regularly eats breakfast, taking a multivitamin along with their morning meal can help with absorption (source); if they do not, it is recommended that they take it with their largest meal of the day, such as dinner (source).

Final T،ughts

The world of vitamins and supplements can be a tricky one to navigate, so I ،pe this guide to the best vitamins for teens has proven to be helpful and leads you to the perfect vitamin for your child. As you can see, there are many high-quality vitamins for adolescents on the market today. There is sure to be a quality option for every young man or woman’s needs. 

For more guides, tips and tricks, and recipes, check out the Best for Kids section on this blog. If there is a high-quality teen vitamin that I missed, please let me know in the comments. And if you have any questions about teen vitamins, feel free to leave a comment or contact me. I respond to every question I get!

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