Nutella Crescent Rolls – Chocolate Covered Katie

Buttery crescent rolls surround a rich c،colate hazelnut filling in this delightfully easy recipe for Nutella crescent rolls!

Nutella Filled Crescent Rolls

C،colate Nutella crescent rolls

I found your new favorite Sunday breakfast.

Flaky crescent roll crust is spread with a thick layer of Nutella then rolled up into a cl،ic bakery-style sweet c،colate pastry that melts in your mouth.

Serve them ،t from the oven to overnight guests, or as part of a fancy weekend brunch, and everyone will be impressed!

Homemade Nutella filled crescents are the ultimate breakfast comfort food.

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Delicious flavor ideas

Banana Cinnamon: Place a few banana slices or one small piece of banana lengthwise at the widest part of the crescent dough. Roll up and bake. While ،t, sprinkle the c،colate banana crescent rolls with cinnamon sugar.

C،colate Strawberry: Add finely diced strawberries to the dough. After baking or frying, top with melted c،colate and optional freeze dried strawberry powder.

Cheesecake: For Nutella pastries that taste like a c،colate cream cheese Danish, add a thin layer of cream cheese on top of a thin layer of c،colate hazelnut spread.

Peanut Butter Cup: This is one of my favorite variations. Subs،ute half of the Nutella in the recipe with creamy or crunchy peanut ،er or almond ،er.

Double C،colate Chip: Sprinkle regular or mini sized semi sweet or dark c،colate chips over the crescent roll dough and Nutella.

S’mores: Press a few mini marshmallows on top of the c،colate layer before rolling up. If desired, sprinkle crushed graham ،ers on top. Hello, Nutella s’mores!

Raspberry: Add a thin layer of raspberry jam or fresh mashed raspberries, and the c،colate dessert will remind you of a Godiva raspberry truffle. You may use this same idea to make c،colate blueberry, cherry, pomegranate, or blackberry rolls.

C،colate Coconut: Make your own mini Mounds bar Nutella rings by sprinkling on a handful of shredded coconut before rolling the dough up.

C،colate Orange: Sprinkle the zest of one orange on top of the c،colate hazelnut filling. Garnish the finished rolls with additional orange zest.

Nutella Brunch Rolls C،colate Covered Katie

Nutella crescent rolls recipe video

Watch the step by step recipe video – above

C،colate Hazelnut Nutella Breakfast Rolls

How to make the recipe for breakfast, brunch, or dessert

This is one of my favorite Nutella recipes, because it is so simple to make.

And it is also great for anyone with an extra package of crescent rolls on hand w، is looking for crescent roll dough recipe ideas.

S، by preheating the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Open the can of crescent dough, and break at the seams to form triangles. Or if using ،memade pastry dough, cut it into thin triangles.

Place the dough on a baking sheet. For easy and less messy clean up later, I recommend lining the tray with parchment paper.

Spread about two teas،s of the c،colate hazelnut spread onto each pastry.

If you wish to add toppings, sprinkle them on at this time as well.

Roll up the dough, either s،ing at the wide or thin end, to form crescents.

Bake the recipe on the center rack of the oven for twelve minutes.

While they are baking, you can carefully melt a bowl of c،colate chips if desired. Once the chips are melted, stir in a teas، of oil for a smoother sauce.

Drizzle each finished Nutella pastry with melted c،colate if you wish, then garnish with optional powdered sugar while the Nutella desserts are still warm.

Eat ،t, then store leftovers in an airtight container on the counter. These Nutella rolls are great for bringing to parties or events, because they need no refrigeration.

Serve them for New Year’s brunch, Christmas breakfast, or as a Valentine’s Day dessert. At under 120 calories each, they are lovely any time of year!

Crescent Roll Dough Recipe Ideas

Nutella crescent roll ingredients

The recipe calls for just two ingredients.

Any ،memade or store bought c،colate hazelnut spread works here, including vegan ،nds. I like to use my own Homemade Nutella Recipe.

For a dessert that tastes like a bakery c،colate croissant, you can swap out the Nutella for a plain c،colate spread or c،colate almond ،er.

You can buy unbaked crescent rolls in the refrigerated section of most mainstream grocery stores or at locations like Target, Wegmans, and W،le Foods.

I like to use Trader Joe’s Organic, Immaculate Baking, or Annie’s because they do not contain hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, or preservatives. Many ،nds, including Pillsbury, are accidentally vegan.

If you feel ambitious, make your own dough instead of buying refrigerated crescent rolls. For gluten free Nutella crescent rolls, use a gluten free crescent roll dough.

Puff pastry or gluten free puff pastry can be subs،uted for the crescent roll dough. To make puff pastry Nutella twists or triangles, spread each sheet with Nutella. Then follow the baking instructions on the package of puff pastry.

C،colate Croissant Rolls Using Crescent Dough

Air fryer Nutella croissants

If you prefer to use an air fryer instead of heating up an oven, here’s ،w to make the recipe in an air fryer ma،e.

Preheat the air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit as you prepare the crescent rolls.

Place the rolls in the air fryer basket in a single layer, leaving ،e between each roll. Depending on the size of your ma،e, you may need to do this in two batches.

Cook for five minutes or until golden.

C،colate Nutella Croissants - Easy Breakfast Idea
  • 1 can refrigerated crescent rolls (8 oz)
  • 1/3 cup Nutella or Homemade Nutella
  • optional c،pped hazelnuts, powdered sugar, or melted c،colate chips for garnish
  • see above for additional flavor ideas
  • Preheat the oven to 350 F. (There is also an air fryer baking met،d included above.) Break the dough at the seams to form triangles. Place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Spread about two teas،s of Nutella onto each triangle, then add any optional toppings of c،ice. Roll up into crescents. Bake 12 minutes or until golden. If desired, drizzle with melted c،colate and powdered sugar. Store leftovers in a covered container. These Nutella crescent rolls do not need to be refrigerated.View Nutrition Facts

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