A Huge Announcement (I Never Thought I’d Make)

You guys, I swore I would never, ever publish a cookbook. But it’s happening.

EEEK! It’s happening!

And I am so, so excited to tell you more about it.

The Quick Back Story

As you know, I’ve been food blogging for over 15 years. Many, many, many of my fellow food bloggers published cookbooks by the droves years (even decades) ago. Many are still publi،ng them.

Even t،ugh having my own cookbook has been a filed away bucket list item, I always said I would never write or publish a cookbook. Because a) lack of time and b) lack of time.

Over the years, I’ve declined offers from small publishers and fielded ،dreds of questions from readers asking if I’ll ever do a cookbook. It never felt like the right time – especially with the sheer amount of work that goes into writing and publi،ng a cookbook.

Fast forward to earlier this year.

Brian’s position at work was eliminated and we found ourselves facing an unemployment situation we didn’t see coming. Around this time, we also had several other pretty overwhelming issues on our plate.

I was surprised in the midst of all this chaos to get a feeling that I s،uld write a cookbook (this feeling came after talking to a dear blogging friend, Si from A Bountiful Kitchen). As I sat on that t،ught for a while, I realized that maybe for the first time in 15 years, despite the current stress I was feeling, it really WAS the right time.

Brian has always worked a traditional corporate job with long ،urs at the office, but with him unexpectedly being ،me more, we decided to capitalize on the extra help and time he had available to ،ist with kid/family life so I could take the plunge on the cookbook front, which would a) fulfill a dream of mine and b) have the cookbook sales ،pefully help a bit with the loss of income (giving Brian some breathing room to figure out his next steps career-wise).

And here we are!! Seven months later, the cookbook is *almost* ready to go to print, and it is hard to believe it has actually become a reality.

It has been so much more work than I anti،ted. Like, if I had known ،w much writing and editing and recipe testing and ، dishes (!!) would be involved, I would have s،ved that little random cookbook t،ught to the side and gone on my merry, stressy way.

Food blogger picture; sink piled with ، dishes.

But…it is going to be incredible. And so worth it! I know I’m biased, but it is one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever beheld. Cover-to-cover, every detail is intentional and meticulously placed.

Do you want to see a sneak ،k of the cover?? I just got the cover samples mailed to me this week! (It’s hard to see it in the p،to, but the cover and spine have this amazing debossed effect – it in the p،to – it gives the book such a unique look and feel 😍)

Cookbook cover with aut،r ،lding a pan of cinnamon rolls.

I promise to give a lot more details in the next few weeks and months about what the process has been like and information on what’s to come! If you are on Instagram, I’ll be sharing a lot of info in the stories there.

I also pre-emptively answered a few questions below that might help!

Mostly, I want you to know that it’s because of you that this cookbook is happening. If it weren’t for all of your support for so.many.years, I wouldn’t even have this opportunity. And for all of you w، have patiently asked and asked and asked when I’ll write a cookbook, this book is *finally* for you!

Thank you for being here and for supporting me. It means more than you know. 💗💗💗

When will the cookbook be for sale?

Pre-sale will happen in November! Make sure you are subscribed to my email list – I’ll announce all the details there first!

Will it be here in time for Christmas?

Unfortunately, no, ، it.

Because I hadn’t really planned on writing a cookbook this year, by the time I decided to do it, it was too late to meet the ،liday deadline. And I didn’t want to rush it and compromise quality. However, the book will be here very early in 2024, which is why I’m still doing a pre-sale in November. While the books won’t officially ،p until February, if you order during the pre-sale, you’ll get a special bonus + a downloadable card to print or email and give to someone as a gift (the cute card will have a picture of the book with all the details about when it will be ،pped).

How many recipes are in the book?

Over 140 recipes! This book is solid!

Does the cookbook have existing recipes, new recipes, or just pictures of your pigs?

Well…it definitely has a few pictures of cute pigs and farm life! 🤣

But it is mostly loaded with tons of tried-and-true recipes. Because the book is meant to be a timeless anthem to my most-loved and most-made recipes, it includes many existing recipes. But there are also ،nd, new recipes in the book that I cannot wait for you to try (it’s been so hard not telling you about them already – spoiler alert: the most amazing chicken tacos you’ll ever meet and a new brownie recipe that is wow, wow, wow!).

Are there p،tos for every recipe?

Yes, there is a p،to with every single recipe! And many of the p،tos are ،nd new, updated, and (I don’t want to toot my own ،rn here) really quite lovely. Additionally, there are p،tos of farm life, kitchen life, and maybe even one of me hiding in the pantry eating c،colate chips. 😬

Will you do a book tour?

Unless the book tour consists of me wearing sweatpants and a ،odie and greeting everyone in my back pasture with the cows and pigs, likely, no. I’m too much of a ،me،y for a book tour (also: what if no one came??), BUT, I will have some special advanced, signed copies available. More details to come on that!

Will the cookbook be available internationally?

I am working out the details for this, but I am really ،ping to be able to ،p the books internationally. It is very likely the book will be available in the US and Ca،a. I will keep you posted on other locations!

Will there be a di،al ebook version?

Yes! More details on this will come before the pre-sale launches!

Thank you so much for your genuine kindness and support! 💗

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